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16-23 september 2019


The Agda Award

The Agda Award is RFSL Uppsala’s LGBTQI award that goes to an actor that have excelled in their LGBTQ work in Uppsala län. RFSL Uppsalas very first Agda award will be given at the gala the 21th of September. You can nominate who you think deserves to be celebrated for their efforts for LGBTQI persons by clicking here.

RFSL Uppsala (then Uppsala förening för homosexuella) was founded the 20th September 1970, on Agda’s name day. This name was imprinted in the organisation’s early history, with premises under the name Villa Agda, the organisation newspaper Agda-Nytt and more. There was even discussions on whether or not the name of the organisation should change to RFSL Agda. With this award we celebrate frontrunners in Uppsala län today at the same time as we celebrate those who have paved the way before us.

Festival Venues

Vaksalagatan 1

WARNING: Nazi demonstrators spotted in the city, the corner outside of S:t Per's Gallerian.

Stay safe, avoid the area if you are feeling unsure. Don’t take photos, don’t get photographed. There will be a group leaving SENSUS (main event area) before the party tonight if you want to travel in a group. You can also contact the main lobby there if you want to go with another person to an event.
This is the square they are standing in:

Ljusbärargatan 2

Västra Ågatan 16

Dragarbrunnsgatan 23

Nathan Söderbloms plan

S:t Eriks torg 10

Svartbäcksgatan 17

Sjukhusvägen 2